Tuesday, February 28, 2012

WoW Factor, Lightbringer (US) Receives Sponsorship By Icy-Veins.com

Clickity, click, click! Heads up, Lightbringer, your 100,000g show just got even juicier!

We've just received word from our friends over at Icy-Veins.com that they will be providing not one, but TWO collectible mounts currently available on the Blizzard Store. Two select players judged during the WoW Factor show will each walk away with one of these mounts courtesy of the gurus over at Icy-Veins!

Stay tuned for more details!


In Search Of The WoW Factor, Earthen Ring Alliance

With our plan in motion to set out as a team in search of the "WoW factor" in player-created transmogrifications, Noelani of WoW Roleplay Gear and I hit Earthen Ring, Alliance on the evening of February 25th. With gold in our pockets and a plan in place to not only give 1,000g prizes to the top twenty-five outfits but also 10,000g each to the top ten, we first crossed paths with a big crowd Alliance side in Stormwind. 

The following four clips comprise our commentary and the majority of the looks we evaluated. We first identified the top twenty-five, gave them each 1,000g (25,000g in total) and then proceeded into the finals where we identified the realm's top ten outfits. Each of the top ten received a prize package of 10,000g (100,000g in total). 

What It's All About: The WoW Factor

Over 1.5 million gold in prizes, hundreds of player-created outfits captured and shared via social media, so many crazy-good looks... but what are we watching for in a transmogrified look? It's all about The WoW Factor.

With another 175,000g Earthen Ring transmog show bearing down upon me recently and the Tichondrius show looming on the horizon, I've partnered up with the expertise behind WoW Roleplay Gear, Noelani and Ironyca, to form a premiere panel of judges for these events. And what we're looking for during these shows we're affectionately calling "The WoW Factor" because that's what it's all about. It's you in the midst of a crowd, and it's time to stand out and get noticed. Have you got what it takes?!

Stay tuned for more, oh so much more that will be coming your way not only from the The WoW Factor team, but from Disenchanting Azeroth, WoW Roleplay Gear and all of our local sponsors as well who are set to take this show on the road! Look out, EU, that means you too.

Think you've got the #WoWfactor? Think your realm/faction can step up and compete with others? Want to learn more about how we've been doing it so you can host your own event? Need our panelists to take the show to your realm? Hit us up on Twitter @DEazeroth or @WoWRoleplayGear or email keelhaul@deazeroth.com directly. And stay tuned as we release more content on what The WoW Factor is all about and what you should be looking for in a transmogrified look to get noticed!

Stay classy Azeroth,


Proudmoore Puts On A Heck Of A Show

You've got to hand it to Proudmoore, they really turned out in force for their most recent show! Spotlights were blazing, bloodboil was boiling and I forgot to turn off my Grid interface.  >.<  In total, the prize package weighed in at 110,000g and eleven lucky winners each walked away with 10,000g in winnings for their transmog outfits.