Tuesday, March 13, 2012

In Search of the WoW Factor, Arthas

The 85,000g WoW Factor show is heading to the (US) realm of Arthas this Friday night, March 16th! Don't miss this livestream event, to be hosted at www.twitch.tv/deazeroth. The event is now under threat of world PvP in Stormwind, and the fate of Varian Wrynn is at hand! It's time to see how good players look in these outfits while they're in action.

WoW Factor judges Keelhaul of Disenchanting Azeroth and Neolani and Ironyca of WoWRoleplayGear are taking to the road to once again see who's going to rise out of the crowd and ride the social media wave! Let us put your name in lights!

We've got an 85,000g prize package on the line for ALLIANCE players and realm-wide WoW Factor bragging rights for HORDE players who are poised to show off their finest transmog outfits! (Because being immortalized on the interwebs is WAY cooler than gold, right?)  ;)

Faction pie chart provided by www.realmpop.com
Throughout the duration of the round-robin gold giveaway on Alliance, the judges will be observing and taking note of the top ten HORDE looks present if/when they break through the gates and make their way to Stormwind Keep where the show will be held. We'll be watching, screen-shotting, vid-capping and providing commentary throughout the course of the event. Read on for more details!

Round 1 (ALLIANCE): Twenty (20) participants will be selected as FINALISTS for the top ten prizes. Each of these participants will receive an initial 1,000g for their transmogrified outfit (20,000g total).

Round 2 (ALLIANCE): The second stage, where ten (10) winners will each walk away with 5,000g for their transmogrified outfit. Only looks that our judges deem to have that WoW Factor will walk away winners here.

Round 3 (Horde or Alliance): The final round, where we'll see who's still standing. We'll have an additional 15,000g to hand out and will determine at that time whether the funds are best served awarding various Alliance players or if some individuals Horde side deserve recognition via the Neutral AH!

Judging criteria for the WoW Factor show is best understood by listening to the judges, themselves, critique a recent show on Tichondrius:

Don't forget to refer direct questions to us on Twitter (@deazeroth for Keelhaul) and (@wowroleplaygear for Noelani and Ironyca) and refer to our sites for transmogrification resources to fuel your looks!

Kickoff Time: 9pm EST, Stormwind Keep

See you soon,
Keelhaul & The WoW Factor team!

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