Monday, March 19, 2012

In Search of the WoW Factor, Lightbringer

The WoW Factor show is heading to the (US) realm of Lightbringer this Friday night, March 23rd! Don't miss this livestream event, to be hosted at This will be the second show I have hosted on Lightbringer. The first show had a prize package of over 100,000g as well and actually had media coverage by PC Gamer Magazine! One of their editors, Gavin Townsley, was out and about with me that night, taking screens and soaking in the player-created content. Story soon, perhaps? Wait and see!

So join us this Friday as the WoW Factor judges Keelhaul of Disenchanting Azeroth and Neolani and Ironyca of WoWRoleplayGear are taking to the road to once again see who's going to rise out of the crowd and ride our wave!

Pie chart courtesy of

We've got a 150,000g prize package on the line for the Alliance, revenue that was generated entirely from sales of transmog items on the local AH, as well as not one - BUT TWO collector's edition mounts from the Blizzard Store. These two mounts are being sponsored by our friends at and will be awarded to the top two outfits of the night. Rules are as follows:

The longer you last, the more you could win!

The Top 25: Of all the contestants that show, twenty-five (25) participants will be selected to proceed into the following rounds for the top prizes. Each of these participants will receive an initial 1,000g for their transmogrified outfit (25,000g total). Outfits must have a majority of the items transmogrified. Exceptions may be made, but we are very stern on this one.

The Top 15: Of the twenty-five finalists, fifteen (15) will be selected to proceed into the following rounds for the remaining top prizes. Each of these participants will receive an additional 5,000g for moving on! Only looks that our judges deem to have that WoW Factor will walk away winners here. These top ten will join the ranks of the WoW Factor elite, whom I affectionately refer to as the WoW Factor Varsity. Players from these ranks may be later be called upon just prior to the release of Mists of Pandaria for a final cross-realm, live-streamed #WoWfactorshow raid where only the best of the best of the best (sir! With honors!) will mingle in the sands of Ahn'Qiraj.

The Top 5: Of the fifteen finalists, five (5) will be selected to proceed into the Icy-Veins round for the top two prizes! Each of these participants will receive an additional 10,000g for making it this far! That's right, make it to the final five and you will have earned 16,000g! But it doesn't end there...
The Final Cut: Of the top five finalists, two (2) will be selected as the top looks on the night and will receive a Blizzard Store collectible mount provided by 

Icy-Veins has an extensive transmogrification guide on their site that provides quick and easy access to armor sets and items eligible for transmogrification. If you want the full visual landscape of what's available, right down to the last Off Hand Frill, then head on over to and while you're there be sure to check for other upcoming giveaways such as vanity pets and more that they provide their readers on a weekly basis. We're very excited to have their sponsorship of these two collectible mounts, and can't wait to bestow them on the two deserving winners! Players will be able to select the mount they desire following the contest.

For further insight into the judging criteria for the WoW Factor, just listen to the judges, themselves, critique a recent show on Earthen Ring:

We're very excited about this event, and look forward to sharing it with everyone. Don't forget to refer direct questions to us on Twitter (@deazeroth for Keelhaul) and (@wowroleplaygear for Noelani and Ironyca) and refer to our sites as well as for transmogrification resources to fuel your looks!

Kickoff Time: 8:30pm EST, Stormwind Keep

See you soon,
Keelhaul, The WoW Factor team and!

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