Thursday, May 10, 2012

In Search of the WoW Factor, Scarlet Crusade (A)

Join us this Friday 11th, from 9pm - 11pm Eastern Standard Time when the 100,000g WoW Factor transmog challenge show is returning to Scarlet Crusade to pay our respects to the Alliance!

Our Guest Judge for this weekend's event is none other than the creative mastermind behind Epic Weapons, forgers of the official Frostmourne and the brand new Doomhammer replicas! Join in the commentary as we get their take on the weapons on display and what it would take to craft them in the real world! And don't miss out on their new DOOMHAMMER replica, just released today!

Livestream will be held at

And credit to Xanrus, of the (H) Mercenaries LLC guild for his most generous donation of over 100,000g to ensure the WoW Factor returned to Scarlet Crusade to share the community event with the Alliance! I say over 100,000g because he had to buy an item for nearly 118,000g via the Neutral AH in order to transfer the prize purse over to the Alliance. So fellow Allys, please give a nod to this generous gentleman for without his generosity, Friday's event would not have been possible so soon!

Now on with the show!

Prepare your best transmogs, ladies and gents, and get ready to help us search for the most sought after look in all of Azeroth, the WoW Factor.

We'll begin with Round One: Premiere Selections, valued at 1,000g - 5,000g. Players present during round one of the event have a shot at earning a minimum 1,000g prize or a maximum 5,000g prize. Prizes will be determined qualitatively by the WoW Factor judges (listed below).

Round Two: Final Selections, valued at 10,000g. Players present during round two of the event have a shot at earning one of three (3) coveted 10,000g prizes.

1) The majority of your outfit must be transmogrified.
2) You may alter your look during the show, but you will do so at your own risk.
3) We do not recommend competing with multiple characters unless you can do so using multiple accounts. Again, you will do so at your own risk.

The Livestream.
Enhance your in-game experience by loading up the WoW Factor livestream at in your browser. Doing so will enable you to listen in on the judges commentary so you can follow along and catch the heartbeat of the show!

The Judges.
Keelhaul, weapons expert from Disenchanting Azeroth ( The "Mogfather" has given away over 2.3 million of his own gold at these events.
Noelani, armor expert from WoW Roleplay Gear (
Elvine, transmog market analyst and entrepreneur (
*And stay tuned for a surprise guest judge to be revealed at the show!

Finish those outfits and we'll see you real soon!



  1. Got 2 wins on my toons. Occeleta(yeah, that rogue on the Pedestal) and Cearra(from the MoP Beta with the Katanas). Got some good tips through just your comments. I'm too Recipe, check. But I like my simple looks. I'll be blogging about this event. I had fun.

  2. Prepared my best transmogs ready now. this going to be a hard judgement....

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