Monday, April 9, 2012

In Search of the WoW Factor, Scarlet Crusade

The WoW Factor show is back! After a brief hiatus of RL events, the team is ready to hit the road again and this time we're off to Scarlet Crusade where a 100,000g prize package awaits, courtesy of local entrepreneur and WoW Factor fan Arida, the "WoW Marketeer". So join us this Saturday as judges Keelhaul of Disenchanting Azeroth and Noelani and Ironyca of WoW Roleplay Gear take to the streets of Orgrimmar in search of the WoW Factor. 

We've got a 100,000g prize package on the line for the Horde, and here's how it's going to shake out!

It's time to put it on the line, Scarlet Crusade (H)!

Round 1: The Top 25: Of all the contestants present at this time, twenty-five (25) participants will be selected. Each of these participants will receive 1,000g for their transmogrified outfit (25,000g total).

Round 2: The Top 10: Of those looks present during the show at this time, (10) will be selected. Each of these participants will receive 5,000g! Only looks that our judges deem to have that WoW Factor will walk away winners here. These top ten will join the ranks of the WoW Factor elite, whom I affectionately refer to as the WoW Factor Varsity and may be featured on Disenchanting Azeroth and WoW Roleplay Gear. Players from these ranks may also be called upon just prior to the release of Mists of Pandaria for a final cross-realm, live-streamed #WoWfactorshow raid where only the best of the best of the best will receive invites.

Round 3: The Top 5: At this stage of the show, the top five (5) will be selected as the top looks of the night and will each receive 5,000g! That's right, some players could easily walk away with 11,000g by the end of the night! 

The Date: April 14th, 2012
The Time: 9pm Eastern Standard Time
The Place: Garrosh's Throne Room
Watch It Live: The Mogfather's consigliere, Elvinecontinues to host these shows on his Twitch TV livestream channel. So check out his livestream of the event to catch all the Skype chatter between the judges!

The Rules:
  1. The majority of your outfit must be transmogrified.
  2. You can enter the competition with multiple characters ONLY if they are on different accounts. We enable multiple entries because some players who are really into transmogrification do so with a number of their characters, and often do so with incredible skill that deserves to be rewarded. But we limit these to players who can do so with multiple accounts because we need all contestants present and available at all times during the judging. If you're logging in and out, you're shooting yourself in the foot. Don't do it.
  3. You may alter your outfit during the course of the show.
For further insight into the judging criteria for the WoW Factor, just listen to the judges, themselves, critique a recent show on Tichondrius:

Our thanks goes out to Arida, the "WoW Marketeer" for the most generous donation we've received yet for a WoW Factor show. How did he get 100,000g, you might ask? He's a Quick Draw McGraw when it comes to gold-making, and if you'd like to learn how he makes so much gold, head on over to his YouTube channel and blog for weekly tips on how to earn gold the proper way in-game, through legitimate practices he has tried and tested.

We're very excited about this event, and look forward to sharing it with everyone. Don't forget to refer direct questions to us on Twitter (@deazeroth for Keelhaul) and (@wowroleplaygear for Noelani and Ironyca) and you can also follow the show's sponsor, Arida @WoWMarketeer. And stay tuned for our other upcoming events on Earthen Ring, Proudmoore and Skywall! We've got another 250,000g and loads of surprises headed your way!

See you soon,
Keelhaul, The WoW Factor team and WoW Marketeer!

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