Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Meet the WoW Factor: Osephala

Osephala, Eldre'Thalas
Character: Osephala
Race: Draenei
Class: Shaman
Location: Eldre'Thalas
Character Status: Main
Prize Earned*This competition was inspired by the WoW Factor and hosted by the Absolute guild of Eldre'Thalas. WoW Factor judges Keelhaul, Noelani and Ironyca were on site as guest judges to the event. 
  • Best Overall: 30,000g
What You Should Know: By far the best use of Ornate Mail I've seen yet. Funny enough as complete a package as this look appears, it wasn't completed until about 20 minutes before the competition began on Eldre'Thalas! 

Keelhaul: Tell me a bit about your initial journey into transmogrification. Was it just for this competition or does your history with it go back further?

Osephala:  I just came back to WoW after 7 months on break, so I didn't get to play with the transmog feature until then. I'm really picky about the way my toon looks and the transmog feature just makes it worse, haha. I was looking at different guides online to different looks of mail sets and I thought the Engraved Mail set was so pretty so I decided to farm the rares in the Blasted Lands for it. I then found out about the transmog contest and I definitely had more incentive to farm the mail pieces I wanted. Unfortunately, the Engraved breastplate did not drop for me, and I was sad because I thought that I couldn't enter the contest. I had nothing, but then I realised that I had farmed the complete Ornate Mail set, which is the same skin as the Engraved, but silver with a gold trim. I used the Mogit addon to try on other pieces to see if they worked with the gear and that's how I found the rest of the set, but trying it on in-game. I was very happy when I realised that I could indeed enter the transmog contest with an really killer transmog.

Keelhaul: What drove your selection of the remaining items?

Osephala: I think it all came down to colour scheme and choosing items that really matched. For instance, the bright gold on my shoulders matches the bright gold on my armour and shield and then the frosty aqua on the shoulders goes really well with the sparkle on the shield and the goggle lenses

Funny thing about the goggles, is I made a completely golden yellow set from Burning Crusade the day before and then 20 mins before the contest, I realised that the goggles that I am wearing right now definitely matched better, so I bought all the mats on the AH, but frantically had to farm some elementals in Wintergrasp. I actually think the goggles make the set, so I think it made a huge difference.

Keelhaul: Is this look LOCKED, or do you swap in other items/pets to vary things up a little? If so, which items and why?

OsephalaYes, I do believe it's locked as of now. I did switch some things up before the contest, like the mace and goggles, but now, I think it's perfect.

Keelhaul:  If a player on another realm falls in love with this "Osephala" outfit, what would you tell them should be their FIRST item they should go out and acquire?

Osephala I think the hardest part is farming the low level greens that only drop randomly and from rares. So, if you are like me, you'd want to get that done first. Or you could look on the AH, but transmog is so popular and fun, the things on the AH are probably a bit overpriced. I saved the easy to get things last, because it just made doing the actual transmogging even better. So, yeah, farm the harder to get things first and then buy the easy to get things last. That's how I do it.

Keelhaul  If you could sit down and work with a Blizzard designer to improve this look, what would you have them build for you?

Osephala:  I think I would have them put a little of the frosty aqua integrated into the Ornate armour, itself, i think that would pull the whole set together, even better and make it more colour-coordinated.

Keelhaul: Tell me about the matching firefly pet. What's the story there?

Osephala: Back in Burning Crusade, you didn't really see a lot of farmable pets on the AH, at least on my server, so I decided to take matters into my own hands and farm myself a Firefly. It was my first very special rare pet, at least it was back then. It's always been one of my favourites and I would always have it out in BC. Actually, a raid leader told me to put it away in a Tempest keep raid one night because the wing buzzin annoyed him! Haha!

Keelhaul: Has Osephala always been a Draenei? If so, if you could instantly race/gender change to improve this look, would you do it?

Osephala: Osephala has always been a Draenei. When I first started playing WoW, Draenei instantly became my favourite race and still is. I think they are so tall and regal looking and have an amazing body and I like my toons to look good. The majority of my toons are female Draenei, actually. I would never change her race or gender, even to make a transmog look better, but I honestly think this specific transmog would look silly on other races. Well of Eternity turns her into a Night Elf and the boots are HUGE, so yeah, haha.

Keelhaul: Transmogrification enables you to change the look of your armor and weapons, but if it also enabled you to alter the look of anything else you owned in-game, what would you add and how would you change it?

Osephala: I would make my mounts match my current transmog gear. Most definitely. One of my favourite mounts is my Spectral Steed and I would make it more of a frosty aqua to match, of course. I really like things to match, did I mention that?

Keelhaul:  What do you plan to do with the 30,000g you won from this competition?

Osephala:   I'm going to save it! Saving gold is hard for me, so this is a good goal. I want to have gold to spend in Mists of Pandaria. 

Keelhaul:  If Blizzard removed the transmogrification feature, what would you lose?

Osephala:   I would be bummed out because I am the type of person who wants my gear to match and look great. Before transmog, it was hard to do that unless you were wearing tier gear and then even sometimes, the extras like weapons didn't match.

Thanks so much for coming out to Eldre'Thalas today! It was a really fun time and I look forward to more transmog contests!



  1. I guess I should be glad you didn't get that "Engraved" set put together in time. It would have been hard to judge my twin sister, so to speak, lol. Great Job putting the set together, it truly looks awesome, and deserving of the Eldre'Thalas Transmog Championship!


  2. I've see you around Stormwind, but never seen you talk

    Grats tho,