Wednesday, April 25, 2012

New MoP Beta Weapon Models: Updated 4/25/12

With each build more is revealed about the art style for weaponry in Mists of Pandaria! A significant number of models (PvP, Mantid) remain only in silhouette but some new looks squeaked through! And check out thatnew bzzzzt-bop nightlight 1H Axe!

As always, this is the beta so anything can stay or go. But it's great to see some designs, nonetheless!


MoP 1H Axe Model

MoP 1H Axe Model
MoP 1H Mace Model
MoP 1H Mace Model
MoP 1H Mace Model
MoP Dagger Model
MoP 1H Mace
MoP 2H Sword


  1. this is shit. vanilla had the best weapons. how do they keep getting worse?

  2. Vanilla had some pretty shitty weapons, but these definitely are a step back.

  3. I can't tell if you tools are just trolling or not. I'm going to give you the benefit of the doubt, and assume that you are, since these actually have high-resolution textures that look decent, and vanilla weapons look like something that was hauled backward through the ass end of a Playstation One.

  4. I'll bite.

    First off these are beta files, so a couple of things come with that territory.

    First, from the nomenclature used in the files my guess is we're still seeing leveling weaponry here. So you can't compare these to stuff dropping from Deathwing. And if it indeed is NOT endgame gear, which I think anyone would be foolish to assume they'd release that at this stage, then I'd say we're right on par with the quality of textures we've seen in leveling weaponry from Cata and Wrath (a bit better in a some cases, a bit less in others).

    Second, with a beta these files are shifting around with each build. In some cases I'm seeing model textures that were there a few weeks ago in the files and linked to specific models are now missing. Are they being repainted? Who knows. Anyway, give the sausage a chance to get cooked.

    Now in terms of difference, I'm seeing a mixed bag so far in terms of art style and consistency. But this is a long road ahead so I'm not making any calls just yet. I'm seeing a clear art style that is definitely new, albeit not significantly different in some areas. And in others I'm seeing some beautiful stuff in the starting zone weaponry that's from another planet compared with where Blizzard has been, historically. And then we have some of these items above, the tinkering steampunk axe, the wooden keg that basically looks like it could be out of Northrend due to its form, etc. These are clearly sitting in Blizzard's comfort zone as of late and aren't progressing at all.

    But like I said, wait and see. There's a lot more to be revealed and I'll do the best I can to get these posts up in a timely fashion once the data becomes available to me.

    Lastly I'm deleting the crayon comment. I'll hold constructive criticism here, and will be the first to put some logic to either side of the argument regarding weapon art styles. But showing up here anonymous, swearing and bashing artists that have put time in on these simply because you're angry deserves its own box of crayons. Get constructive or go draw your scrawl elsewhere.

  5. I was sent here through a link on and I must say, this is different and I like this kind of stuff. I found you and wowroleplaygear. This WoWFactor project you have going on is so cool and unlike anything I have seen! Keep at it!