Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Oodles to Ogle: New MoP PvP Weapons & More!

A number of models were revealed with the latest Mists of Pandaria Beta build, as well as the textures from the majority of what are likely the new PvP weapons. As always, anything goes since these files are from the Beta, and all images below are subject to change. Case in point, the very last item on the list below has been removed from the game files since I posted it previously. Bummer, too because it was a cool looking staff with an Alliance and Horde version.



PvP 1H Mace

MoP PvP Bow

MoP PVP 1H Sword Model

MoP PvP 2H Axe

MoP PVP Staff Model

MoP PVP Staff Model

MoP PVP Staff Model
MoP PVP Polearm Model

MoP PVP OH Model

MoP PvP Dagger

MoP PvP Dagger

MoP PvP 2H Sword

MoP PvP 2H Mace

MoP PvP 1H Mace

MoP PvP 1H Axe

Dagger Model

Dagger Model

Shield Model

Shield Model

Staff Model
Staff model removed from the Beta files


  1. So basically were regressing to cavemen days with these primative weapons. I do not like any of this.
    Does Blizzard have anyone on their art team that is asian or has a familiarity with google to learn that asians have produced some of the most beautiful, finely crafted weapons ever....if you are going to have an asain themed zone/x-pac then at least know or learn something about the influences of the cultures...

    1. Ever heard of transmogs? if you dont like the looks, change them.